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welcome to ezyvirtualworkshops

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it’s all in the detail - connecting you virtually!


about ezyvirtualworkshops

ezyvirtualworkshops is a simple virtual  workshop platform created by a full-service Experiential Marketing Agency dedicated to creating  interactive, as real as virtual can be,  one-on-one meetings,  small presentations, demos and workshops for a wide range of clients and different industries. We combine seasoned knowledge with virtual inspiration and ingenuity, transforming basic online meetings rooms and providing your guests with personal experiences. Contact us so we can start working together to plan your perfect event.

past events

past events

Christmas networking event

Antor's Christmas event with a networking event, quiz, songs from around the world, best Christmas jumper and hat competition and 4 break-out rooms for Christmas cocktail demos.


online seminars

The Tourism Society seminars for up to 50 members with open discussion, chat, polls and  Q&A


one-on-one meetings

Samoa Tourism Authority UK & Europe's virtual offices and webinars.

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wo we are

Who We Are

ezyvirtualworkshops was born in 2020 out of a passion for helping our clients, in a time of crisis and restrictions on travel, bringing their planned live small events and workshops into reality, virtually. Since our inception, we’ve committed ourselves to creating impactful and creative experiences for our clients and their guests, for the smaller more personal event. ezyvirtualworkshops is an offshoot of ezyvirtualevents. 

Our team strives to meet and exceed the needs of everyone involved. This is because we understand the importance of working with (not just for) our clients in order to make their events successful, helping them to forge  relationships virtually that last long after the event ends.

Beach Wedding



Thanks to ezyvirtualworkshops  we have held regular one-on-one meetings and  webinars with travel trade partners.


Our Christmas event was great fun, we were able to navigate from one meeting room to another easily and enjoy the different cocktail demos.


ezyvirtualworkshops has given us the cost effective flexibility to run regular webinars as well as board and office meetings.

Contact us

contact us

Telephone: +44 208 877 4500

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