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Case Studies

ANTOR Meets the Media 

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EZY  launched with the highly successful “ANTOR Meets the Media” event; a virtual networking event for 150+ media, 17 exhibitor stands and individual meeting rooms for 1 to 1 meetings and press conferences. The event has included full event management, which many of our clients use. The Networking Café was used for casual chats and the auditorium for welcome and farewell speeches. 

The tailor-made platform customisation features such as 3D stand design, allowed hosts to bring their own branding and style to their event. Furthermore, to boost connectivity, EZY’s multifaceted platform lets attendees interact with multiple hosts through quizzes, presentations, product launches and demos. Hosts could encourage guest engagement through a prize draw including shopping vouchers, local wines, chocolates, goodie bags and even fam trip places. 

Insightful analytics were delivered post-event in an in-depth report which showed who attended, what guests found interesting, where they visited, and what they viewed and downloaded. 

Finally, EZY ensured that the event ran smoothly with a technical support team on-hand in the virtual help-desk  from set-up to end to answer questions as they arose. The team were there to educate and help users understand every element of the new platform, making the daunting online world of virtual events an EZY affair.

Due to popularity with the media, further events were held in 2021 including a hybrid event that allowed over 70 media to meet with 16 destinations, meaning that it did not matter if they could not attend the live event. Following the first event, ANTOR has held a further 12 events on the EZY Virtual Events platform and 8 regular market updates, 24 destination webinars, 15 keynote speakers in the EZY Virtual office. 


ANTOR Roadshow

In December 2021 ANTOR hit the road for their first hybrid roadshow, heading to Manchester, Glasgow, and Belfast, and concluding with a fully virtual day. ANTOR used EZY Virtual Events to create hybrid events to ensure that all members were able to participate, no matter their location in the world. Finland participated in each live event virtually, and the Seychelles joined them in Belfast, live from the island!


Despite attending virtually, they were still able to meet with all the live guests from the travel trade and media in each location. This has proved invaluable for ANTOR, instilling confidence in members that if they cannot attend in person, whether it’s because they are based abroad or for last minute emergencies, they still have the opportunity to take full advantage of all ANTOR events.

Event organiser, Tracey Poggio, Chairman of, ANTOR, commented after the 6 hour event “The EZY system allows us to continue face to face marketing and networking in a safe and convenient way. An essential tool to keep business flowing.”


Tourism Society

The Tourism Society has used their virtual office with great success since its launch in 2020, providing a regular space where members can get together for Think Tanks, both for general discussions and networking, as well as events with established guest speakers.


At some point, these Think Tanks took place weekly and evolved onto a series of thought leaders in tourism lectures. This has been extremely beneficial to the Tourism Society who have members based across the UK and overseas, who can now regularly attend events and catch up with their fellow members. The virtual office has also been the location of numerous board meetings, and their 2020 and 2021 AGMs.


OTT Pop Awards

In May 2021, Online Travel Training (OTT) held their annual awards ceremony virtually for the first time ever. Guests joined OTT hosts in virtual meeting rooms/dining rooms decorated with the relevant branding of the sponsors, for example an IcelandAir cabin, Hurtigruten cruise ship and even SeaWorld! The guests and nominees all enjoyed the ceremony, live streamed from a London hotel rooftop and presented by celebrity host Lisa Snowdon, with winners zoomed in virtually from their own homes to accept their awards.


Guests were supplied with refreshments for the event, which they enjoyed in front of their screens. The atmosphere was buzzing with people congratulating their friends and colleagues, being brought together and connected digitally!

Julia Feuell, Founder and Managing Director of OTT, commented, “Great fun to present the awards on your platform with Lisa Snowden. We celebrated the highest engagement on OTT we'd ever had.”



EZY clients Miami, Samoa and Taiwan successfully used EZY meeting rooms for fun, informative and interactive webinars with up to 100 members of the travel trade respectively, with the option of up to 10 breakout rooms.


The tourism boards managed their own hosting with ease due to the intuitive and simple room controls, presenting their destinations through live quizzes, demos, product launches and presentations.


Anna Guam, Marketing Manager at Taiwan Tourism Bureau said, “The ezy platform is one of the most stable and multifunctioning online meeting platforms in the world. With variety and easy learning functions on the system, both the host and audience could have a high quality and reassuring meeting or webinar experience.” 

Caribbean Tourism Organisation Workshop Events


EZY Virtual Workshops, EZY Virtual Events’ mini-platform, has powered 3 events for the Caribbean Tourism Organisation UK and Europe Chapter (CTO) throughout 2021 and more in 2022. For their collection of virtual media meet-ups and tradeshows, each event has welcomed over 60 guests to meet with their featured destination members, which include hotel groups and tourism boards, in a range of formats, from pre-booked appointments to freeflow presentations.


All exhibitors have their own branded meeting rooms, making guests feel as if they are in the Caribbean themselves, elevating the atmosphere. There is also a digital library and a video library for guests to gather more information about the exhibitors beyond the meetings. Each event has ended with an exciting prize draw in the Networking Room, offering guests the chance to win holidays and experiences. 

Carol Hay, Manager of the CTO UK and Europe Chapter, commented, “We have used the EZY workshop platform on three occasions and have more events booked.  We find Alison and her team informative, supportive and deliver a professional platform that is easy to use. We can highly recommend the ezy workshop platform and the efficient team behind it!”


Oxford Cultural Collective Careers Fair

Representation Plus and The Oxford Cultural Collective teamed up to help promote careers in tourism and hospitality for graduates during covid. The partnership created a virtual employment fair supported by exhibitors and speakers from across the industry, using EZY Virtual Events as their platform. They created a micro-site to promote the program on their main website with links to Eventbrite for student registrations and to more information for exhibitors.


253 students and graduates signed up from 66 universities across 19 countries to meet with 13 employers, associations and careers services, including the Dorchester Collection, Jumeirah Hotels, YummyJobs, the Institute of Hospitality and the Association for Tourism in Higher Education. 

Students were able to download brochures of information about careers and schemes in the digital library and were able to meet with exhibitors in their fully-branded meeting rooms to network and find out about future options. There was also a programme of inspiring panels and keynotes throughout the day, which was live in the Auditorium throughout the day. 


The event was a great success and they have already received enquiries for 2022. 


Tobago Tourism Event

In November 2021, Tobago Tourism Agency hosted an event on EZY Virtual Event, welcoming the media and travel trade to find out the latest news from their 15 partners, from hotels to wedding planners and excursions companies. The fully branded meeting rooms allowed guests to immerse themselves in Tobago. The Networking Cafe created a space for guests and hosts to make new contacts and discuss the event. 

At the climax of the event, Tobago Tourism Agency broadcast a live press conference with multiple hosts and high-quality videos in the EZY Auditorium, with the EZY technical team managing the recording in the green room and offering real-time support. As with all events on the EZY Virtual Events platform, the helpdesk was on hand to assist any exhibitor or guest who needed assistance throughout the event, assisting with issues patiently, quickly and effectively.

Analytics were delivered after the event, offering insight into auditorium views, comments and visitor numbers. 

Nadine Rankin, UK Representative for Tobago Tourism Agency said, “I enjoyed using the EZY Virtual Events platform for our recent Tobago Showcase event.  I found the platform easy to navigate and really effective for our needs.  We held presentations in the Auditorium and our stakeholders were able to conduct meetings in their own rooms. The feedback we got from our buyers has been really positive and they all felt it had been an extremely well run event.”

Brand Magic Summit


Mind Initiatives' Brand Magic Summit offered a packed programme of presentations on "Driving brands into the Future: Trends and Practices” on the EZY Virtual Events platform.

Over 300 participants attended from across the world, including the UK, India, Africa, Europe and the USA. The event featured back-to-back high-quality live presentations from 15 international high profile global brand experts which could be watched by attendees in the auditorium, with partners and sponsors all having their own fully branded 3D stands and meeting rooms.  At the end of the summit, there was an awards ceremony followed by the launch of the Brand Magic book.

The Brand Magic Summit gave EZY Virtual Events the chance to showcase the customisation features, brand-ability and the impact of high-quality graphics on the platform, The Networking Café, auditorium and the lobby were fully branded with the logos of the event’s sponsors and partners, allowing them maximum visibility. Furthermore, to boost connectivity, EZY’s multifaceted platform let attendees interact with sponsors and exhibitors in their private branded meeting rooms and break-out rooms.

EZY ensured that the event ran smoothly with a technical support team on-hand in the virtual help desk throughout. Finally, insightful analytics were delivered post-event in an in-depth report which showed who attended, what guests found interesting, where they visited, and what they viewed and downloaded. 

Event organiser Ravin Lama, Founder of Mind Initiatives, commented after the 8-hour event “'Our summit delegates, sponsors and exhibitors found the event on EZY the most realistic virtual experience they had and equally as good as the Live event in 2019. The help and support we had from the EZY team pre and during the event was fantastic, so much so that we have recommended EZY to numerous colleagues...”


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